Ovarian Cancer Survivors.
Do You Want to Know How to Join Them?

When ovarian cancer struck in our family we hit the internet, just as I imagine you are doing, to find out more. It was a chance meeting, though, that lead us to the most important discovery (we think): it's not what the doctors do, but what you do that can make the biggest difference in dealing with ovarian cancer.

So I am writing here to give you that same 'chance encounter' with Metabolic Therapy. It was so important to us. I hope you too will come to understand what you can do to get on route to becoming an ovarian cancer survivor.

I aim to show you in these pages:

why I have been persuaded of the importance of this alternative therapy,

how we applied it in our family setting,

to give you enough information to consider if there is sense in this research,

to help you get more in-depth information if you want it;

so hopefully you can make up your own mind properly informed.

In Shock? "Rabbit in the headlights" syndrome?

It's a terrible shock when that annoying, niggling, little pain turns out to have been the starting symptom of ovarian cancer. A shock for family and friends (if/when you tell them) too. Suddenly everyone has a view on what you should do. Which way should you turn? What do you do if different family members have opposing views? Do you 'freeze' and wait to be told what is going to happen by the doctor? What are the options?

The only way out of that dilemma is to take some time (not too much) and learn about the 'open secret' of cancer survival - that (according to more than one line of research) cancer is a metabolic disease. Accordingly you need to manage the disease by careful control of what you put in and on your body. This is in your control, not your doctor’s.

For cancer sufferers what you haven't been eating is as important as what you have been eating. Treatment of the whole body through diet and lifestyle changes is known as Metabolic Therapy – of which more later.

Whose decision is it?

Remember, these are your options for managing the cancer of the ovaries. As important as it is, the support and advice from your family, friends and doctors is only that, You are the one who has to make the decisions and live with them (hopefully for a long time!).

I hope that the information in my website will help you make a well informed decision. There are more options than you may think.

I know it sounds daft that just diet and lifestyle changes could be so significant in controlling the cancer. You must wonder why, if it's so simple, isn't everyone given the advice? I will show you logical reasons for the seemingly upside down approach to dealing with ovarian cancer in the west.

Dr Hans Nieper, former Director of Medicine at Silbersee Hospital, Hanover, Germany said in 1972 "After more than 20 years of such specialised work, I have found [Laetrile]* far superior to any other known cancer treatment or preventative. In my opinion it is the only existing possibility for the ultimate control of cancer."

*Laetrile is a major component of metabolic therapy discussed elsewhere on this site.