Phillip Day - Researching for your Health, not Pharmaceutical Wealth

Phillip Day is the medical researcher to whom I owe my thanks for opening my eyes to be able to help 'Mum' in her battle with ovarian cancer.

Phillip heads up the medical research and publishing organisation "Credence". Credence collates the work of researchers in many fields and countries. It works to resolve issues that are harmful to the public and to provide the necessary information for us to make our own informed decisions. Phillip started out as a businessman dealing with sales, marketing and the use of the media for business. He changed to medical research when he became interested in the 'wars' going on in health and politics where issues were being deliberately withheld or misreported to the public.

Phillip lives in Kent, England, but presents his findings and alternative approach to cancer and many other illnesses in a busy schedule across the world. Follow the link below to find out more about him and Credence.

My own 'research' efforts have started with reading and assessing the books and information published by Phillip and Credence. This website seeks to show you enough of this research, and my take on it, for you to consider it worthwhile to become more thoroughly informed yourself.

To that end I would recommend the following reading/viewing/listening (all obtainable from the Credence Group online store) :

  1. "Food Matters - you are what you eat" DVD: - "Let thy food by thy medicine and thy medicine by thy food" Hippocrates - something we seem to have forgotten!
  2. "Cancer, The Winnable War" Audio CD: - a clear discussion by Phillip of the arguments around 'orthodox' treatment and metabolic therapy - listen in the car or while commuting!
  3. "Cancer, The Latest Breakthroughs" Audio CD: - what it says!
  4. "CANCER - Why We're Still Dying To Know The Truth" book by Phillip - explains the theories that form the foundation of B17 Metabolic Therapy, the politics and money that have kept it hidden; will dispel your fear of cancer and make you angry at the same time!
  5. "Food for Thought" book by Phillip Day - a compendium of recipes and guidance about foods that will make the anti-candida regime enjoyable and not a 'chore'.
  6. "The Essential Guide to Water and Salt" book by F. Batmanghelidj MD and Phillip Day - a practical guide to why you should listen to the doctor when he says to drink plenty of water! The impact of proper hydration on a variety of illnesses, including cancer, is explained.

The Credence Store is also where I get my apricot kernels, vitamin C (with bioflavanoids) and Rene Caisse's tea. Plenty more good things too. Look it over!

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