Alternative Cancer Therapies for controlling Ovarian Cancer

When conventional western oncology and treatment have failed them, many people turn to alternative cancer therapies. You have the choice, though, not to damage your body with chemotherapy first, but to apply the ideas of metabolic therapy to nourish your body in a way that will help control the cancer from the start.

What is Metabolic Therapy?

My causes of ovarian cancer page will show how deficiencies and problems in the body chemistry contribute to cancer growing. To defeat those processes you need to change your body chemistry, ie you need to adjust your metabolism in a way that limits cancer growth instead of promoting it - this alternative cancer therapy is known as Metabolic Therapy.

Compare this with the treatment of scurvy. This is a metabolic disease caused by the upset to the body's metabolism by the lack of vitamin c. The treatment is not tackling each symptom with drugs, but removing the cause - the simple addition of enough vitamin c into the diet. The disease is never cured, because as soon as the problem of inadequate vitamin c is repeated the scurvy comes back. The metabolic therapy is to keep taking enough vitamin c every day until you die (hopefully of old age!).

How does it work for ovarian cancer?

For ovarian cancer the upsets to the metabolism are varied, but two key elements are (i) deficiencies in pancreatic enzymes and (ii) deficiencies in the 'back-up' cancer fighter vitamin b-17. It's the re-introduction of vitamin b 17 into the diet that causes this form of alternative cancer therapy to be called "B 17 Metabolic Therapy". (Other variations of metabolic therapy may be used at natural cancer treatment centres.)

This is the therapy using vitamin b-17 about which Dr Ernesto Contreras, founder of the Oasis of Hope clinic in Mexico, spoke so highly (reported in Cancer News Journal Vol 9, No 3)

Dr Manuel Navarro, former Professor of Medicine and Surgery at Manila's University of Santo Tomas (an internationally recognised cancer researcher) stated "It is my carefully considered clinical judgement, as a practising oncologist and researcher in this field, that I have obtained most significant and encouraging results with the use of Laetrile-amygdalin [..technical terms for vitamin b 17 derivatives] in the treatment of terminal cancer patients…" [reported in Cancer News Journal Jan/April 1971 pp 19-21]

Your metabolism is affected by everything that you put in and on your body - so metabolic therapy looks at everything too. To get to understand what you need to change, my page on this alternative cancer therapy will break it down into the various aspects.

If it's so effective, why isn't everyone told to do it?

Western medicine, it seems, has in many circumstances been lead down the path of treating and controlling symptoms of disease - making us feel better, for which we are grateful. There seems to be a lack of teaching on nutrition and keeping the body healthy. We do not like being told that the disease is 'our fault' because of the way we have mistreated our bodies (albeit unwittingly). So we support the 'give me a pill' approach.

At the same time the big money in medicine is in the pharmaceutical industry, but there is only money in patentable treatments; none in natural alternative therapies or in dietary disease prevention. The drive for "evidence based medicine" has come to mean expensive trials and studies. If you cannot make money from what you are trialling, then no pharmaceutical company will spend the money to "prove" the effectiveness of the natural remedy.

With the relentless promotion by the pharmaceutical companies of their 'advances' in treating various cancers and the emphasis on the great cost of these new treatments, a simple nutritional approach seems illogical, but read on and make your own mind up!

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