THE Alternative Cancer Therapy - B17 Metabolic Therapy

This introduction to THE Alternative Cancer Therapy is here to inform you. It comes from cancer clinics around the world. They believe it to be most effective in combatting cancers. It also works as a cancer preventative.

I cannot claim that B17 Metabolic Therapy is the 'cure' you have been looking for. I do, however, believe the logic and sense that comes from the research I have read that says it IS the way to control cancer. You can only make your informed decision after you have read about it.

I will outline the elements of this alternative cancer therapy, give more detail to show the significance of some elements and show where you can read about this in more depth.

This alternative cancer therapy aims to thoroughly re-align your body's chemistry to manage and control the cancerous mechanisms at work - building a strong and effective immune system.

Alternatively put, the key to defeating cancer is to work with the body and not with chemo- and radiation- therapies which work against it. This therapy works with you by:

  • Ridding you of the candida that seems almost invariably present in cancer patients (perpetuating the 'current of injury' which keeps cancer cells growing) and removing externally applied toxins - "detoxification";
  • Giving you the vitamins and minerals that you need to equip your body's defence mechanisms - "immune system support";
  • Then adding the enzymes that will break down the protein shell which protects the cancer cells
  • And applying vitamin B-17 (Laetrile) and vitamin A to work with the enzymes to destroy the cancer cell (particularly daily vitamin B17 which is almost entirely missing from the 'average' modern western diet)

For most of us these dietary/lifestyle changes are quite radical. I apply some of them as a 'preventative', but haven't gone 'the whole hog' - I would though if I were diagnosed with cancer! This is largely what 'Mum' did - see my Support For Ovarian Cancer page under Ovarian Cancer Treatments.

So what's involved?

B-17 Metabolic Therapy Outline

Clinics that practice this alternative cancer therapy seem to start with a 3 week carefully supervised programme. This is followed by a home programme for the next 3 months. Thereafter if the cancer has been successfully controlled (not 'cured'), you would continue the metabolic approach (though perhaps not quite as intensively) to maintain your cancer protection.

The clinical phase involves^1:

  • Intravenous vitamin b17/amygdalin or the use of 500mg amygdalin tablets (Laetrile, laetrile, amygdalin are all names for the chemical make up of vitamin B17, though with slightly varying chemical compositions)
  • An anti-candida dietary regime
  • Antioxidant supplement capsules
  • Pancreatic enzymes
  • Vitamin C complex
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Vitamins A and E emulsion drops
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Essiac tea
  • Ionised colloidal trace mineral supplement
  • Anti-tumoural fruits and vegetables
  • Astragalus and echinacea (to boost immune function)
  • Anti-parasitic/candida herbal treatments such as wormwood, cinnamon, black walnut green hull

Notes^1. Phillip Day: "Cancer - Why We're Still Dying to Know the Truth" Credence Publications

Ernst T Krebs Jr is quoted^1 as saying "If you have cancer, the most important single consideration is to get the maximum amount of vitamin B17 into your body in the shortest period of time. This is secondary to the medical skill involved in administering it, which is relatively minimal."

The 'home phase' of this alternative cancer therapy continues with a similar regime, but the B17 will be taken by tablet or apricot seeds (or other suitable food). Phillip Day goes on to set out 35 steps or elements to fully embracing B-17 Metabolic Therapy at home.

Take heart though, a good part of the 35 points is an expansion on the list above. Some additional items worth noting in this 'outline' are:

  • Increased Water intake and balanced Salt (high quality mineral salt, not standard, refined table salt) consumption;
  • A two week bowel cleanse with magnesium oxide;
  • A probiotic supplement to install beneficial flora in the gut;
  • Indulge in regular and vigorous exercise (unless health problems prevent this);
  • Remove all toxins and damage triggers from your environment/lifestyle

Why go to the trouble?

Because it works! That's what specialist doctors around the world say! Clinics that successfully treat thousands of patients.

My page on alternative cancer therapy (from Treatment Choices) quotes some of those specialists.

Medical guidance

You should not turn your back on medical care. Cancer treatment, even following this alternative cancer therapy, needs the care and guidance of qualified medical practitioners. I would just suggest that if you choose a practitioner who dismisses nutritional therapy out of hand, you may have lost the use of the most valuable weapon in your battle.

If your doctor or oncologist does reject this natural cancer treatment it will be for, in their eyes, good reasons such as:

  • "B17 - it doesn't work and has been proven not to"
    • True in part - tests were done by the pharmaceutical industry in the USA and on its own treatment with B17 is not really effective
    • it needs the enzymes, vitamins and minerals together that are a major part of metabolic therapy to work really well
  • and "for goodness sake, it's cyanide"
    • True in part again - vitamin B-17 contains part of the cyanide molecule (called the cyanide 'radical'), but so does vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) about which no-one complains!
    • but, as I explain in more detail on my Vitamin B-17 page, cyanide is only released in minute quantities at the tumour site to kill the tumour alone.
    • Studies, even by those opposed to the use of Laetrile (a synthesized form of vitamin B-17), have shown that used in the recommended dosages even intravenous application was "free of clinical toxicity and no cyanide could be detected in the blood ..."^1
  • or "If this 'alternative cancer therapy' really worked, it would be big news and we'd be prescribing it to all our cancer patients"
    • Yes, you would think so wouldn't you? But B17 isn't a patentable drug that can be 'prescribed' so pharmaceutical companies can't make money out of it.
    • Doctors are trained in medical schools which are often funded or supported by the pharmaceutical companies. Advances in medicine (as against surgery) come from research carried out by (of course!) the pharmaceutical industry. They tend not to publish research that shows their expensive drugs can be bettered by 'simple' nutritional changes!
    • So as long as the big pharmaceuticals have the ears of governments in the west and can persuade doctors and the media that they represent the real advances in modern medicine, nutrition will always remain an "alternative cancer therapy" rather than the mainstream one!

Faced with such resistance from the very people we expect to be expert in our healthcare is discouraging (to say the least!).

If your doctor's training has missed the nutritional grounding they cannot be expected to recommend treatment of which they have no experience, even if the treatment they do recommend has a poor record.

If, therefore, you need a second opinion from a qualified doctor who has learnt the benefits of metabolic therapy get it! (I might be able to help - contact me.)

The Food and Drug Administration in the USA seems most strongly influenced (and influencing) against metabolic therapy. Professor Etore Guidetti of the University of Turin, Italy, reported in a conference on the succes of Laetrile in treating a range of cancers; an American doctor commented that in the USA Laetile had been found to be worthless; Guidetti replied "I care not what was determined in the United States. I am mrerely reporting what I saw in my own clinic." ^2

Read on and make your own mind up as to which doctor you'd prefer to go to for treatment!

Notes^2. Quoted in Phillip Day: Health Wars Credence Publications citing Cancer News Journal, Vol 9, No 3.

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The Anti-Candida Regime - A Core part of the Alternative Cancer Therapy

As indicated in my page on ovarian cancer causes, the presence of candida or parasitic infections (even if you are unaware of them) can prevent the healing process from terminating properly - a fundamental cancer process.

The dietary regime seeks to starve the candida of the sources of its nourishment (whilst not starving you!) for 3 to 6 months. At the same time herbal supplements, such as wormwood, etc, attack the weakened candida cells.

The aim is to cut out the sugars and yeasts (excess carbohydrates turn quickly to glucose) on which candida thrive. For the anti-candida diet, therefore, you should eliminate:

  • all cow's milk products: cheese, butter, yoghurt and cow's milk derivatives;
  • all yeast products: alcohol, bread (other than soda bread), vinegars, mushrooms, processed and smoked fish and meats, Marmite, Oxo, Bovril;
  • all sweetener products: sugar, honey, fructose, lactose, glucose, dextrose, Nutrasweet, Canderel, Equal, aspartame and saccharin products;
  • most fruit: ripe fruit is full of sugar and yeast (which is why they go mouldy when over-ripe); the exceptions are hard fruit such as an apple or pear a day AND pineapple and papaya because they contain enzymes needed for the B-17 to do its job if you are not getting these enzymes in other forms;
  • high-sugar root vegetables: potatoes, carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, beetroots.

When the candida is under control the regime can be relaxed a little.

At first glance the list of "don'ts" doesn't seem to leave much in the way of "do's". Phillip Day's book^1 does fortunately help with a decent list of things you can eat! He also has a companion book "Food for Thought" to assist with food and recipe ideas.

Drs Ernesto and Francisco Contreras of the Oasis of Hope Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico also place a significant emphasis on 'getting the mind right' (as do other clinics). Such guidance is possibly essential if you are going to cope with these changes.

'Mum' followed many of these changes in her successful initial treatment phase, employing the alternative cancer therapy alongside the orthodox treatment.

I suspect that the anti-candida regime would do me good, but I acknowledge that, whilst I have not, thankfully, had cancer I have not had the determination to do it (nor to get my wife to change her great cooking to accommodate it for me/us!)

Adequate Water and Salt - another essential part of This Alternative Cancer Therapy

Water is essential to the proper functioning of all the cells in the body. We think of food as giving us energy, but water is a more important source of energy than anything else we eat. It is not just a passive carrier of other nutrients.

A highly renowned orthopaedic surgeon was struck with virulent breast cancer. She refused the orthodox western treatments because she had seen thousands of patients die from those treatments (rather than from the cancers). The dietary therapy wasn't working, she was near death until she read about water and the Water Cure^3.

Following the advice in F Batmanghelidj MD's book "Your Body's Many Cries for Water" she added plenty of water to her diet and started to get better. She has been cancer free for over 10 years.

The suggested water intake is 8 reasonably sized glasses a day. You need to switch away from coffee and tea because these are diuretic and so don't help hydrate the body. Herbal teas are a great replacement for the 'cuppa' - especially Essiac (mentioned above).

Just because you don't 'feel thirsty' it doesn't mean your body is adequately hydrated. For one thing, as you get older the dry mouth indicator for thirst decreases; also we often mistake thirst for hunger.

Water is held within the cells in our body and also outside the cells as circulating fluid. Good health depends on the careful balance between these two volumes. It is salt and potassium with the amount of water intake that regulates this balance.

As you gradually increase the amount of water you are taking, you need to balance that with matching amounts of salt (adequate potassium is generally in your food). Dr Batmanghelidj recommends about 3 gms of salt (a half teaspoon) for every 10 glasses of water. You must always keep salt and water in balance.

Unrefined sea salt is recommended by Dr B because it contains around 80 mineral elements that the body needs. It is much better for you than refined table salt which contains none of these minerals. I go a step further and take Himalayan salt because that takes away any risk (which might be quite small) of sea contamination by modern chemicals.

So Drink Up! You know it's good for you!

Notes^3. The story of Lorraine Day MD as briefly recounted in F. Batmanghelidj MD "The Essential Guide to Water and Salt" published by Credence Publications. You can also read more about her at

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For Real Stories from Real People who have used these alternative cancer therapy techniques to survive cancer read any of the books referred to above. Go to Credencegroup online store to get your copies.

Otherwise explore the rest of my web site or contact me for more information on THE Alternative Cancer Therapy.

As always it is for you to decide whether there is sense in what I have found and have put forward here. I came across the following quotation in another context (Deuteronomy 30:19):

"I set before you life or death. Choose life then."

To me the choice is that stark!

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