Cancer Treatment Centres for Holistic Treatment

There are cancer treatment centres that understand that ovarian cancer is a metabolic disease. I hope that this page will show you that you can have full medical support AND a treatment regime that works WITH your body instead of against it.

I know that it can be very difficult to accept the truth of information presented by a ‘lay-person’ against the professional ‘expertise’ of, and your natural reverence for, a qualified doctor. These natural cancer treatment centres are run by professional doctors with true expertise in successfully treating cancer patients.

Dr Ernesto Contreras, one of Mexico’s leading specialists with over 30 years treating cancer said in terminal* cases treated with b17 metabolic therapy “The palliative action (ie increasing a patient’s comfort) is in about 60% of the cases. Frequently – enough to be significant – I see arrest of the disease or even regression in some 15% of the very advanced cases.” (*terminal according to orthodox western oncologists) (reported in Cancer News Journal Vol 9 No 3)

Dr Contreras’ son now runs the Oasis of Hope clinic in Mexico. A clinic which has been successfully treating thousands of cases since 1963. I wanted ‘Mum’ to go there straight away when she was diagnosed, but the distance put her off, even though 'Dad' could have gone with her.

A similarly named centre across the border in Arizona is An Oasis of Healing which on its web site promotes a range of therapeutically metabolic approaches to handling the disease. There is no immediate mention of vitamin b17 - this may be because b17 has been given such a bad name in the USA by the traditional medical establishment.

In Europe there is the Hufeland Clinic in Bavaria which practises a range of alternative cancer treatments alongside some conventional treatment.

And in England you could look up the Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine based in Hampshire. They refer to dealing with chronic illnesses and also 'life threatening illnesses' without being specific (it is not surprising that in this area they are cautious and claim no 'cures' -see also my Disclaimer), as they point out that their "complementary integrated approach" is not 'conventional'.

So what is different about these natural cancer treatment centres?

The point is that there are medical professionals around the world who do not agree with conventional western approaches to cancer treatments. Being different from the majority does not necessarily mean being wrong. You may not be able to afford to attend one of these clinics, but you can take heart from their existence and apply their approaches to your life management. That is the choice that I hope to be bringing to you in this website.

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