Am I being mis-leading when I say “Living with Cancer Without Treatment” is a valid choice? Really I mean no “conventional treatment” applied by others to you as “the patient”. Doctors talk about you, the patient, giving ‘informed consent’ to treatment. If they have not even touched on alternative cancer therapies how can your consent be properly ‘informed’?

I want to give you the chance to be properly informed. It’s a big subject and I will present it in hopefully manageable chunks with pointers to more detailed reading.

I start on this page by playing devil’s advocate with the argument for conventional treatment. Then I suggest the usual arguments for not having conventional treatment. Arguments that went around our family – but only in part – you can do better!

Finally I give you statements from research that will shock you and which your oncologist may never have seen.

Reasons to have conventional treatment:

*One or more tumours are so large they are causing life threatening problems (eg obstruction of the bowel) and immediate surgery is necessary

*Chemotherapy is proven to cause some tumours to reduce in size so that seems a positive way forwards

*The ovarian cancer survival rate statistics for your stage of ovarian cancer look positive (and that is assumed to be with chemotherapy)

*Your oncologist has recommended the chemotherapy/ surgery and you trust him/her that that is the best option

*You want the support you feel you will get from the main-stream cancer centre as you go along with the conventional treatment

*You feel that saying “No” to the oncologist’s offered/ recommended treatment means you are giving up or that others (maybe even family members) will think so

*You are not ready to just accept palliative care and “will take poison if that’s what it takes to get rid of the cancer” (to quote ‘Mum’)

Reasons FOR living with your cancer without treatment:

*You have advanced stage ovarian cancer and the survival rate statistics even with conventional treatment do not look good enough

*You do not want to ‘lose’ so many days of your ‘remaining life’ to the chemotherapy treatment and it’s side effects (the day of treatment and at least one extra day when you are feeling too unwell to get up) every week or fortnight of the treatment cycle – you want to make the most of what life you may have remaining

*You are not sure how well you will cope with the surgery (hysterectomy and possible ‘de-bulking’ if the cancer has spread to the abdominal lining))

*If the main stream cancer specialists don’t know what causes ovarian cancer, are they just treating the symptoms? Will it come back again after treatment?

*You have not been shown credible evidence that the chemotherapy and surgery will actually prolong your life enough (if at all) to justify it’s side effects

Even without any reference to metabolic therapy it can be difficult to know which way the argument should go at the best of times – let alone during the mental turmoil of the first hours and days after hearing your diagnosis! At this point it can be very difficult to accept metabolic therapy as the answer when it is not being put forward by the doctor. I would suggest a few more questions to ask yourself:

1. If I don’t want conventional treatment (anyway), could metabolic therapy help? Read on across my web site, I believe you have nothing to lose!

2. I don’t believe my doctor can be so wrong; but could metabolic therapy help whilst undergoing chemotherapy? I think so from our own family experience.

3. Are there scientists and doctors who do not agree with conventional chemotherapy and surgery? Yes there are. Look at the following quotes for examples of scientists saying you are better off managing your cancer without treatment:

Walter Last, writing in The Ecologist (Vol 28, No 2, Mar/Apr 1998) reported (now over 10 years ago): “After analyzing cancer survival statistics for several decades, Dr Hardin Jones, a professor at the University of California, concluded: ‘...patients are as well, or better off, untreated. Jones’s disturbing assessment has never been refuted.

Allen Levin, MD, UCSF wrote in “The Healing of Cancer”, Marcus Books, 1990: “The majority of the cancer patients in this country die because of chemotherapy, which does not cure breast, colon or lung cancer. This has been documented for over a decade and nevertheless doctors still utilize chemotherapy to fight these tumors.”

Prof. Gorge Mathe similarly wrote “Scientific Medicine Stymied”, Medicines Nouvelles, Paris, 1989 saying: “If I were to contract cancer, I would never turn to a certain standard for the therapy of this disease. Cancer patients who stay away from these centers have some chance to make it.”

With those arguments can chemotherapy really be justified? Look at what you could be subjecting yourself to and then look at what metabolic therapy can do for you – remember: it’s your choice, not your doctor's.

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