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Hello, my name is Philip Hall. I am in my early fifties (we'll have to see how often I update that bit!), an engineer, a lawyer and now part-time medical researcher - reading up on approaches that make sense in the management of ovarian cancer.

I am in some ways no more qualified than you are to talk about dealing with ovarian cancer (and being a man, maybe less qualified!), but I can apply logic, reasoning and commonsense to what I find.

It is my assessment of what I have learnt, combined with the positive results I have seen when that was applied by my mother-in-law, that makes me confident in putting forward the information in my website. My attitude towards cancer has changed radically over the last couple of years - for the better I think, yours might too.

As you can see I am not a doctor, so you need to have a look at my Disclaimer page because I don't want the medical authorities saying that I am trying to treat you or contradict your medical practitioner's advice. I believe the information here is too important to you to risk getting my web site shut down.

This web site is intended to inform and educate, giving you access to information and reports that can help you give actual informed consent (or refusal) to treatments. Information that the doctors generally won't tell you.

I live in Dorset on the south coast of England and want to spread the good news about how you can deal with ovarian cancer. As I develop my web site and write new pages I will hopefully cover the points that concern and interest you - I will also give you links to getting more detail yourself. Until then (& even afterwards) if you want to know more please complete the contact box below and I can e-mail or call you back.

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