A disclaimer: in the sometimes crazy, under-regulated and over-regulated world in which we live, I have to point out that I'm not a doctor, I can't prescribe treatment and I can't make out that anything I say in this website is 'medical advice'.

You don't need me to tell you "Don't jump off the cliff, it's not a good treatment for ovarian cancer" - it's commonsense, well I hope you will see that my analysis is also commonsense given the research I have revealed (or at least logical once you've followed my reasoning).

It is up to you to decide if I'm right or just plain daft! But go to Ovarian Cancer Treatments to read a newsletter put out by the prestigious John Hopkins medical institute supporting everything that I have to say about natural treatments!!

We educate our children (or at least we try to!) so they can make informed decisions as they go through life. If big industry has managed to ensure that only its view of cancer treatment is in the public domain, then we are not being educated. Your decision on treatment is then based on only half (if that) of the information available and so your consent to 'their' proposed treatment cannot be 'properly informed'.

The pharmaceutical industry makes its profits from patented drugs that it can show cure or control the outcomes of disease. This may include removing the cause of the disease or it may not. In evidence based medicine they develop trials to give the evidence that something to do with the diseased person has improved - so this may just be the measurable symptoms and nothing to do with dealing with the cause.

No pharmaceutical company would spend millions developing drugs to combat the symptoms of scurvy because it is too widely known that adequate vitamin c will cause the symptoms to all disappear. With billions being spent (and presumably earnt as the companies haven't gone bust!) on cancer drugs, the information I am presenting is unwelcome to them. You would not expect them to promote natural cancer control or prevention; what is sad is that doctors' regulators so often also seem to turn against those who try and prescribe natural and metabolic therapies.

What I am presenting in my web pages is abbreviated, but hopefully not over simplified, from various published research findings. I will always be happy to respond to calls and e-mails and to guide you further on your journey of understanding the alternative treatment for ovarian cancer.

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